Evolution - Consultancy [Per Hour]

Evolution - Consultancy [Per Hour]


The Evolution Consultancy Hour Includes:

Working with your Digital Marketing or Infusionsoft Certified Partner Consultant for Remote work on your projects.

Evolution results-driven Consultancy applies a focus on measurable outcomes and pre-identified key objectives. 

What's Included

- 1 x 60 Minute remote Zoom Screen Share Calls Per Month

- Assisted done with you guidance

- Private call recordings channel to host your recorded consultancy session

Consultancy can be used on any of our Digital Marketing Solutions:

- Marketing Strategy

- Infusionsoft Marketing Automation

- Funnels

- Websites & SEO

- Membership & Learning Management Systems

- Paid Traffic

- Content Marketing & Social Media

- Copywriting

What Is Excluded

Actual completion of the project work, note this is not a done for you service.


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