Evolution - Strategy Pack.

Evolution - Strategy Pack.


Evolution is a results-driven strategy package helps you get started with Infusionsoft fast. 

The online Evolution Program gets you clear about your business, financial and marketing model objectives.  Working with your own Infusionsoft Certified Partner both remotely and 1:1 sessions the evolution pack restructures and focusses on high growth.

With a fully managed advanced Infusionsoft setup solution, your application will be customised to your own business requirements and branding.

This Evolution Strategy pack is a fully managed 'done for you' solution.

What's Included

  • Evolution Online Strategy Program
  • 13 x 1-hour remote success calls with an Infusionsoft Certified Partner
  • Infusionsoft Advanced Set Up
  • 1 x Evolution Funnel Pack with 3 x Lifecycle Marketing Campaigns
  • 1 x Evolution Copywriting Package for 3 x Lifecycle Marketing Campaigns
  • Graphics Design & Images For the 3 x Lifecycle Marketing Campaigns
  • Managed Campaign Launches

Subscription Management [Mandatory]

The Evolution Strategy requires the Origin Content & Social Package to be purchased for a minimum of 3 months.  The Origin Content & Social Subscription is charged 1 month prior to your campaign launch to ensure your marketing funnels have managed social media and traffic driving to them.  The cost of the Origin Content & Social Subscription is charged at £1797 per month for 3 months and is an extra cost.

What Is Excluded

Video Production

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